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798 Series

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As each pixel can illuminate, and the Konka OLED organic TV has a color expression that's much better than ordinary LCD TVs, providing pure and gorgeous color.

Each pixel illuminates to provide gorgeous colors

As each pixel can illuminate, and the Konka OLED organic TV has a color expression that's much better than ordinary LCD TVs, providing pure and gorgeous color. 

Each pixel emits light by itself, the contrast ratio of it is ten thousand times more than that of LED TV

Every pixel of OLED TV is able to emit light independently. The sub-pixel is shut off when it is used to render dark scenes, reaching  the level of pure dark. The ultra—contrast—ration can easily reach above 1000000:1,with clear and refined texture.  

Each pixel illuminates and leads a revolution of vision

The OLED Organic TV uses the 4-color 4k self-luminophor as its GPU. The self-luminophor is a transparent organic luminescent substance composed of countless self- luminous pixels. Each self-luminous pixel can illumine independently, and the OLED organic TV is a product that integrates high-end display technology with HDR image compatibility. 

LGD WRBG provides more abundant color

White pixels are added to help more accurately adjust single pixel chroma and make the image clearer, the color richer, and provide better details.

True Color Technology

Adopting the latest color LED lamp and by using blue LED to stimulate the RGB fluorescent powder to illuminate white light, the color gamut can reach up to 78%-100%, more gorgeous and true color.

True Color Wheel Engine

Konka's exclusive true color wheel engine technology, like Meituxiuxiu app in your mobile phone, can adjust the color of each pixel point intelligently with 12bit color treatment to restore 68.6 billion color, which is 64 times of the competitive brand (10bit), making each pixel more fresh and vivid. 

Best 6-Core Chip, Best Image Quality

With the new powerful 6-Core technology, the 4-Core A9+ CPU helps duplicate the TV's computing function. 6-Core Mali-450s super GPU strengthens the quality of rendering and speeds up picture quality processing. By intelligently compensating low definition moves and color loss during the transmission and point-by-point scanning, it presents the perfect picture to you.

Smart Remote Control

Integrated the traditional remote control, keyboard, mouse and microphone, it is a collection of multi-function. Multi-touch, gesture recognition and voice control functions make operation easier and more intelligent.

Online Video

You can instantly enjoy massive wonderful online videos and movies via TV without downloading.

Immersive UI Design

By using the immersive UI design, you can enter the TV interface directly after power on and call any all by pressing one button, without having to exit the previous one. Just immerge in your audio and visual world without any interruptions. 

DLNA &Home Share

Intelligent technology solutions for human-computer interaction enable you to easily browse the multi-media data on home intelligent terminals via home network. Your phone, Ultrabook and computer together with TV build a new home entertainment center.

Massive APP

Massive Apps like YouTube, Skype, Twitter, Face book, etc. Bring you more intelligent experience.

Bluetooth 4.0

The new Bluetooth 4.0 technology transmission is faster and farther but with lower power consumption and wider equipment compatibility.

H.265 Super Decoder

H.265/HEVC is new video compression technology. Its most core value is to greatly reduced the compression bit rate under the premise of ensure quality. In the same network environment, watching high-definition video becomes smoother.

HD Video Transmission

Through the new HD video transmission interface, you can input data like videos from mobile phones and pads to TV without loss. Have fun to share with your families.